Why I'm Running

It has been an honor to serve my community as a school board member over the past three years.  I believe every child deserves a quality education and have spent over 20 years of my career working hard towards that vision which is why I’m hopeful I can count on your support as I embark on a re-election campaign for the City of Alexandria School Board.

Over the past term, we have focused on a number of issues such as: overseeing the strategic plan and monitoring the desired outcomes to align with academic success; increasing capacity and addressing facility challenges; hiring both an accomplished interim and solid superintendent; presenting responsible budgets to city council; and updating hundreds of policies to ensure we meet state criteria.

But there is still more to do.  As a board member who understands the landscape, builds relationships, and operates efficiently, I believe our community will receive a return on investment if I’m re-elected.

Having heard the priorities of Alexandria stakeholders, I will commit to the following if re-elected:

  • Continue being responsive, respectful, prepared and honorably serve the diverse youth of ACPS.
  • Partner with the parents and greater community that make Alexandria so special and whose input as well as their support are critical to the success of our division.
  • Advocate for practices that attract and retain strong educators, whose important feedback needs to be incorporated into educational decisions. (I was recently honored to receive the teachers’ endorsement from the Education Association of Alexandria.) 
  • Support the new superintendent to articulate a vision, supported by an effective plan and strong culture, where all students receive the resources needed to attain the education they deserve to prepare them for the 21st century.
  • Collaborate with the board to use data to make sound decisions that are communicated transparently and lead to accountability for clear goals.
  • Work with city council to fund our schools and allocate resources across a spectrum of proven services to provide an engaging education through an equity lens.
  • Ensure the schools and facilities are prepared for current capacity crisis, that students' safety is a top priority and that equitable learning spaces exist both indoors and outdoors throughout the division.


I believe my unique blend of experiences over the past 20 years- as an educator, a youth workforce expert, a nonprofit CEO, board member for multiple organizations, and a current ACPS parent – will allow me to continue to serve youth as an effective school board member.  But I cannot do it alone. I’m hoping I can count on your support and invite you to share with me your upcoming priorities for Alexandria City Public Schools.  Throughout my term I’ve valued listening and responding to all stakeholders and is something I pledge to continue to do.